With REJUVEL 3D, test the scientific achievement of the novel 3D skin rejuvenation system relying upon the NASA-patented technology*. The scientific study behind our products is formulated to offer superior skin rejuvenation results, and is based on Space Certified Technologies, developed by astronauts and tested and approved by dermatologists. Biomimetic Suspension The benefits of the REJUVEL 3D products start with a bioreactor that mimics the microgravity while revolving in space and allows cell cultures to grow, developed by NASA astronauts and scientists. According to the specialists, it is possible to develop cell cultures in a three-dimensional environment exactly like the cells in our body thanks to this pressure-free environment where gravity is minimized. The cell cultures developed with the bioreactor are naturally very similar to the cells in our skin while properly functioning as intended thanks to the availability of a higher nutrient intake under the pressure-free environment. All these trials have yielded an extraordinary skin care invention compared to other deformed counterparts developed in a two-dimensional environment, offering poor performance.